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Erich Schelling Unterschrift

Schelling Architecture Foundation

The Schelling Architecture Foundation grants the Schelling Architecture Award for Architecture and Architectural Theory once every two years. The awards recognise future-oriented developments in architecture as well as incisive accomplishments in architectural theory.
Emil Sutor: Judgement of Paris, mural relief at Schelling-Karrer’s residence
Winners Architecture
Winners Architectural Theory
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Prize Winner Schelling Architecture Award 2022

Schelling Architecture Award 2022 to Sophie Delhay

Ludwig Wappner awards the prize to Sophie Delhay

©Sophie Delhay, Paris

©Sophie Delhay, Paris

nominated Architecture Award 2022

LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa, Barcelona

La Borda, 2017-2018 ©Lacol



LACOL, Barcelona

La Balma, 2017 ©Milena Villalba

LACOL, Barcelona

La Comunal, 2018-19 ©Baku Akazawa



San Riemo, Munich, 2017 ©Florian Summa


House B, near Dresden, 2016-19 ©SUMMACUMFEMMER

Winners Architectural Theory
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Winners Architecture
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30th anniversary celebration of Schelling Architecture Foundation and Award Ceremony

The Schelling Architecture Awards will be presented on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 at 6 pm in

Zentrum für Kunst und Medien ZKM Karlsruhe.

The theory prize is awarded to Paola Viga…read more

Curtain up! Exhibition Trude Schelling-Karrer June 3rd till August 28th, 2022

The exhibition “Curtain up! Trude Schelling-Karrer: From the Stage to the Interior Design” will be shown in the Museum for Literature on the Upper Rhine, Prinz-Max-Palais Karlsruhe.

On the occasio…read more

Schelling Architecture Awards 2022

Three architecture studios have been nominated for the Schelling Architecture Prize 2022:

Sophie DELHAY, Paris
LACOL Cooperativa Arquitectura, Barcelona
SUMMACUMFEMMER Architekten, Leipzig

Th…read more

On the death of Martin Steinmann

Martin Steinmann, Schelling theory prize winner 2000, died on March 10, 2022.

Martin Steinmann was a knowledge-creating architect. His engagement with architecture, which has lasted for decades, i…read more

Pritzker Architecture Prize 2022 Laureate Diébédo Francis Kéré

Congratulations to our Schelling Architecture Award winner 2014!
The competence of our curators was proven again: Along with our Award winners Zaha Hadid, Peter Zumthor, Kazuo Sejima, Wang Shu und L…read more

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