The awards

In keeping with the motto “Fostering the seminally significant, spreading substantiated knowledge”, the Schelling Architecture Foundation grants the Schelling Architecture Award for Architecture and Architectural Theory once every two years.

Architecture can be understood as a discipline that connects cultures and one in which the artistic imagination acts on social, economic, technological, and political processes. As such, architecture serves as a social medium for integration, and it has a lasting effect on the quality and the cultural significance of our constructed environment. The Schelling architecture awards are effective in this broad understanding of architecture with their perpetually contemporary orientation as drivers of new tendencies related to designing our environment.

The awards recognise future-oriented developments in architecture as well as incisive accomplishments in architectural theory. An international jury comprised of 7 individuals convenes in order to select a winner. The awards have a total endowment of 30,000 euros. Ever since the establishment of the foundation by Trude Schelling-Karrer and Heinrich Klotz, the awards have been conferred at an official ceremony at the foundation’s head office in Karlsruhe.