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Ellen Remy

Prize winner

Ellen Remy received the main prize, endowed with 2,000 euros, for her project
“Society is the actor”.
The master’s thesis envisages the establishment of a cultural center with experimental and street theater at a run-down, unidentified transport hub in Stockholm, at the so-called “Slussen”. Based on the concept of liminality, which describes the state in which people gain cross-border experiences, she explores the special urban situation of this place in her master’s thesis and creates differentiated paths and interfaces with a hybrid structure of theater, cultural institution and transport infrastructure, enabling a controlled and casual exchange between passers-by and visitors to the cultural center.

Christine Kohlmann


“Einblick Ausblick Warenhaus”

The design by Christine Kohlmann, which is very much based on realities, shows – based on the currently intensely discussed example for change possibilities of a classic department store in downtown Stuttgart – how clever and far-sighted such a property could be maintained in the future with hybrid uses of living, trading and working.


Daniel Uhrig


“Von Olympischer Legacy zum Nationalpark / Ein Hotel nahe Sarajevo”

Daniel Uhrig’s master’s thesis deals with the question of how the architectural legacy of past and future Olympic Games should be dealt with, especially with the repair and conversion of a hotel complex near the Bosnian city of Sarajevo that was badly damaged during the war. The work shows how one can deal intelligently and with foresight even with severely damaged buildings and what architectural spatial qualities can be created by transforming the existing and adding something new.

Friederike Reis


“Brückenschlag: Kunst – Design & Technologie. Erweiterung der Fakultät für Gestaltung Pforzheim” (Master thesis)

Johanna Wisniewska


“Life Tower in Warschau. Das Leben in der Innenstadt” (Masterthesis)

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