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Clara Süssmann

Clara Süssmann

Prize winner

Clara Süssmann received the main prize for her thesis

“On a treasure hunt in the Black Forest – Clara mine mineral storage facility”.

The master thesis draws its content from a well-thought-out and newly connoted storage term, its regional function and significance as a treasury and identity bearer of a region, as well as its structural location and implementation in the form of a participatory, process-oriented, museum and public building.

The architectural expression of the skilfully and precisely worked through design shows in its different building plastic facets that the desired synthesis of a contemporary and sustainable culture of storage and preservation could lead to a legible and tangible contribution to a rekindled building culture in the Black Forest.

Fanny Hirt


“Department store transformation – redefining downtown Heidelberg”


Ms. Hirt’s master thesis deals with the dissolution of the monostructure of department stores and their rehabilitation in the city center using the example of the transformation of a large Heidelberg department store. From a detailed overview of urban developments in the 20th and 21st centuries and a critical examination of the history of department stores, the thesis results that inner-city buildings are not used as monostructures, but should be designed as heterogeneous, diverse and fragmented structures according to the existing needs of the city and the city Quarter.

Hanna Wollny


“Buildings as a material resource – using the example of a temporary lecture hall building”


Based on a comprehensive theoretical basis, Ms. Wollny puts forward the thesis that buildings must be viewed as a material resource from which materials and building materials can be recovered using renewable energies. Using a temporary lecture hall building for the University of Konstanz, it is shown how recyclable construction methods allow the dismantling of components in order to create an inexhaustible cycle.
The work is characterized in particular by the excellent documentation of urban material potentials as well as the detailed planning of construction and dismantling. A convincing energy and mobility concept rounds off the future-oriented project.

Julius Grün


“Municipal theatres Frankfurt – prototype for performative architecture” (Master Thesis)

Laura Amon


“Noah’s Ark – How can architecture anchor species protection in zoological gardens and make it accessible to the public?”

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