BDA award for architectural criticism 2021 to Nikolaus Kuhnert and special award for the online magazine Marlowes


We congratulate our theory award winner from 1996 and the chairwoman of our board of trustees, Dr. Ursula Baus, co-editor of Marlowes, on this award!


The BDA Prize for Architectural Criticism, which has been awarded every three years since 1963, goes to Nikolaus Kuhnert, the long-time editor-in-chief and publisher of Arch + magazine, in 2021. The jury honors Nikolaus Kuhnert’s decades of formative commitment to the “ARCH +”.


Special awards for certain aspects are given to the editors of the online magazine Marlowes, Ursula Baus, Christian Holl and Claudia Siegele. The jury recognizes the classic quality journalism of the three people behind “Marlowes”:
“The altruistically operated non-profit portal“ Marlowes ”is unique in German architecture journalism. It essentially determines the top of the technical discussion because the political development conditions are always taken into account. Marlowes is a well-mixed and up-to-date magazine with a range of glosses, reviews, reviews, comments and photos that makes you want to deal with the fundamental questions of building policy … ”


The television editor Sabine Reeh and the local journalist Oliver Volmerich were also honored.