TEd’A Arquitectes

Irene Perez i Jaume Mayol_TEd'A©Hisao Suzuki, nominiert


“TEd’A arquitectes is a workshop and a studio. TEd’A arquitectes propose to move forward by looking back, without losing sight of the past and tradition; to continue to perfect tradition as an indisputable heritage; to defend regional identities against totalizing uniformity. We prefer evolution to revolution.”

The position and work of TEd’A Arquitectes stands out to mark a cultural position against naïve technophilia. The office has a theoretical base and a body or work that substantiates their approach. TEd’A Arquitectes belong to the generation of architects that has transcended the binary opposition of modernism versus postmodernism.

Without nostalgia, without self-aggrandizing pathos, the work of TEd’A Arquitectes shows how respectful syntheses of contexts are possible everywhere. Standing in line with similar architects who preceded them TEd’A Arquitectes offer an approach that understands their presence and actions as simultaneously specific in time and opportunities as well as general and transcendent.