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LaCol Cooperativa
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LaCol Cooperativa nominated for the Schelling Architecture Prize 2022


LaCol Cooperativa are something like the new masters of cooperative housing construction in Barcelona. They are organized as a cooperative and working group. LaCol have played a decisive role in shaping the Barcelona housing construction panorama in recent years and in their own way have had a changing influence, not to say a bit revolutionizing it.
The La Borda project is based on five principles in the creation and use process: autopromoción or self-promotion and direct participation of all partners, the lease of use, the promotion of community life and the strengthening of relationships between the residents, sustainability in view on energy consumption, size of the apartments and lack of parking spaces and finally affordability, in which the cooperative is also an alternative for low-income earners.
The collective undoubtedly contributes to making a metropolis like Barcelona, ​​where rents are constantly rising due to speculative pressure and access to affordable housing is becoming increasingly difficult, more livable.