Jan Olav Jensen & Børre Skodvin

© Privat Schelling Architekturstiftung

Prize winner

In search of paradigms for an entire culture, be it for building culture, regional culture or even an entire culture for our time, Jensen & Skodvin are developing a coherent architecture for all these three components of culture. This coherence stems from the basic principles to which Jensen & Skodvin are adhering: their architecture has a mediating effect in the context of existing fabric, be it in relation to the given topography or built substance. As a result of this respect and understanding for this existing fabric the overall design reaches a poetic simultaneity.

Jan Olaf Jensen and Børre Skodvin are experts at aligning their buildings to key constructional and tectonic principles – despite the harsh climate conditions in Norway. They demonstrate in an exemplary manner how substantial and at the same time poetic architecture is possible today. Whether it is a residential building, hotel or church, it reveals itself to the observer.


Wilfried Wang