Al Borde Arquitectos

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Prize winner

Al Borde was founded in 2007. The team from Ecuador impresses with its poetic interpretation of the constructive foundations of building. They analyze needs, design financing concepts and implement products. High-quality architecture in Ecuador can only be created by architects with a great sense of commitment. Al Borde (Malu Borja, David Barragán, Esteban Benavides, Pascual Gangotena) – a four member team that was represented in Karlsruhe by David Barragàn and Pascual Gangotena – were recognized for the deftness with which they have been able to enthuse and actively involve people in the process of building, despite all difficulties. Awarding the prize to Ecuador is coupled with the hope that the spark by which participation is generated as result from enthusiasm and not from protest might be transferred to other cultural and economic circles.