Alejandro Aravena leitet die Architekturbiennale 2016

Alejandro Aravena, der 2006 mit einer Medaille des Schelling Architekturpreises ausgezeichnet worden ist, leitet 2016 die Architekturbiennale in Venedig. Er tritt damit in die Fußstapfen von Rem Koolhaas (2014), David Chipperfield (2012), Kazuyo Sejima (2010 Biennale-Direktorin und im Jahr 2000 Schelling Architekturpreis-Trägerin) sowie Aaron Betsky (2008).

Die Schelling Architekturstiftung gratuliert Alejandro Aravena und schätzt seinen Ansatz, die Handlungsspielräume in der Architektur bei der Biennale 2016 ausloten zu wollen.

Aravenas Absicht:

“There are several battles that need to be won and several frontiers that need to be expanded in order to improve the quality of the built environment and consequently people’s quality of life. This is what we would like people to come and see at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition: success stories worth to be told and exemplary cases worth to be shared where architecture did, is and will make a difference in those battles and frontiers. (…) The 15th International Architecture Exhibition will be about focusing and learning from architectures that through intelligence, intuition or both of them at the same time, are able to escape the status quo. We would like to present cases that, despite the difficulties, instead of resignation or bitterness, propose and do something. We would like to show that in the permanent debate about the quality of the built environment, there is not only need but also room for action.”