Alejandro Aravena erhält den Pritzker Preis

Die Schelling Architekturstiftung gratuliert Alejandro Aravena herzlich zum Pritzker Preis 2016.
Aus der Jury-Begründung: „Alejandro Aravena is leading a new generation of architects that has a holistic understanding of the built environment and has clearly demonstrated the ability to connect social responsibility, economic demands, design of human habitat and the city. Few have risen to the demands of practicing architecture as an artful endeavor, as well as meeting today’s social and economic challenges. Aravena, from his native Chile, has achieved both, and in doing so has meaningfully expanded the role of the architect.“

2006 war Alejandro Aravena beim Schelling Architekturpreis mit einer Medaille ausgezeichnet worden.